Givenchy Target Print Apron Skirt



So let me get this straight, in 2014 society is so past gender norms that something which is called / and IS a skirt can be made specifically for men?  *slow clap* wow… just wow.  Don’t even get me started about those trap star tights the guy in the picture has on.  Or are they “thermals”? *smh*  Personally I think he should have just went full bad bitch and paired a shiny black leotard with that skirt, but maybe the world just isn’t ready.

$880 on SSENSE.  Just watch out for those school bullies my dude.


One response to “Givenchy Target Print Apron Skirt”

  1. Skirt with lame target sign, tights and shoes without laces ? It’s like a unicorn riding a double rainbow with Santa on her back (yes, Unicorns are all female), this combo is simply too much for the average human eye… at least for mine.
    And I guess someone will quickly find the original purpose of a target… aiming… Kaboom, right… in the nuts !

    I mean even the guy on the picture, who has been paid for it, looks ashamed of himself. Or maybe it’s because he realized he forgot his buttocks in his pants… Which girl in the WORLD would consider this dude attractive?