Many MA-1 Pockets Raising Many Questions With No Answers

Phenomenon Tokyo comes through with the MA-1 bomber, with a twist:


LOL yea 16 pockets on the back alone, and it looks like there are side pockets too.  So much for just having the MA-1 Bomber classic, one on the arm.  You’ll full on need a second person to help you retrieve stuff from your back.  Either that or you’ll risk looking like a herb removing your jacket to fetch your inhaler, which you no doubt only have because you’re out here runnin’ shit.  *Oh my god oh my god, if I die I’m a legend*

Phenomenon-Tokyo-MA-1-Bomber-Jacket-1I have no idea on the price because the Phenomenon site is mad Japanesey.  Google translate fails me for the most part on there, but I gather that this back pocket version of their MA-1 is part of a capsule collection called “Tokyo Versus The Stage” which they have on for a limited time.

Thoughts?  Would cop?  It’s a tough choice between OD and black with this one for me.

Hat tip: Andres


2 responses to “Many MA-1 Pockets Raising Many Questions With No Answers”

  1. Might have enough room for ammo finally! needs more pockets on the front though

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea. Thanks for stopping by!