If ISIS Wore Bombers Rather Than Were Bombers

Nike Lab x James Lavelle:


Available at Haven – $700 CAD ($563 USD)

Haven describes it as a bomber / varsity hybrid.  Talks about the lustre of polyester, supple wool blend, and premium tumbled cow leather.  Are the cows tumbled (tipped?) or is the leather tumbled after the fact?  Kidding fam.  I feel like I have to call audibles on jokes on this site sometime.  Many you guys think there’s something wrong with me for talking about this stuff in the first place… gotta be safe and assume a joke-question about tipped cows might not be caught.

The jacket itself is pretty hot, I must say.  Classic MA-1 pocket on the sleeve, and they tossed us another outer pocket on the chest.  The tonal olive fabrics they use definitely work.  What the hell is up with the black unintelligible patches though?  That shit is straight ISIS.  Like if ISIS had a dope stylist, he (yes HE… I’m not trying to be sexist here but ISIS is not going to have a female stylist) would lace the whole crew in actual ISIS versions of these, along with the all black Balmain bikers and some black on black Common Projects Achilles’.  Think of how fire they would look posted up with the black balaclavas and AKs too? WOOOOOOOOOOO, now that’s what I call marketing terror to the fashion obsessed Western world.  The best part would be, even though take home weapons of war are no longer allowed, jackets definitely are.  When the whole lot of them are dead I’d call a favor in to have one of these show up at my doorstep FedEx International Priority.  I’d deface the patches, and USA USA USA the shit out of the jacket.  Might even be a savage and keep the blood on the fabric for authenticity, carry around the certificate I obviously would have copped from the DNA lab showing that the blood does indeed contain human and goat DNA.  Can’t fade me.  If you run into me, better have Allstate with you.  All day.

James Lavelle (who I hadn’t heard of), started a UK based record label called Mo’ Wax.  He must be doing alright for himself if he is famous enough (or has enough money) to have a Nike collab… I haven’t heard of much in their discography tbh.

Thoughts?  Would cop in current version, or war take-home ISIS version?


5 responses to “If ISIS Wore Bombers Rather Than Were Bombers”

  1. Image was flipped on horizontal axis. Makes much more sense this way:

    Reads from top down:

    (Can’t decipher circle patch)

    “Your Past Is
    Your Future”


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Oh cool, nice catch! That’s how the jacket actually is – http://news.nike.com/news/nike-x-mo-wax-by-james-lavelle

  2. derpmaster Avatar

    James Lavelle is the main producer in UNCLE, which has had some pretty great releases, and the Mo Wax discography is basically a who’s who of abstract hip hop from about 1995-2000. Basically all of DJ Shadow’s music was released on this label.

    1. Rootbeer Joe Avatar
      Rootbeer Joe

      UNKLE is the bomb, just a severe lack of solid content since War Stories, And DJ Shadow gone lost his mind way before that

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Cool I’ll have to google some of those guys later.