Breaking Cougar’s Necks In Your Mercedes G500

4×4 squared.  Holy the location in this video looks intense:

New V8 biturbo from Mercedes.  Lime green is possibly the worst color imaginable for a vehicle.  I suppose in the video though it stands out, which is obviously the point.  Drive that color in the city though and you’re just trying too hard to get noticed.

Mercedes-G-Class-SquaredThat thing can sure go in rough terrain, wow.  No wonder militaries around the world use Mercedes vehicles in the same G class as that (the military ones are not as showy for good reason).  I have to much work to do to go down a google rabbit hole right now, but I wonder how Jeeps compare to these?  Is there basically no comparison and the Mercedes blows it out of the water?  Are the Jeeps amazing, and you’re paying a lot for the Mercedes name?

You can find out more information, and see of pictures on the Mercedes G Class Squared website.  Unless you have somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000+ to spend on this, don’t get too excited.


6 responses to “Breaking Cougar’s Necks In Your Mercedes G500”

  1. derpmaster Avatar

    I’m sure it’s great off road, even though it’s mostly meant to be parked in front of a 5 star hotel somewhere in Kuwait. AMG is cool because they do nuts stuff like this with zero fucks given.

    Jeeps are hit and miss. The Wrangler is one of the better turnkey off road vehicles, but they tend to be abysmal at just about everything else, and the quality is kind of poor (Chrysler and all). The aftermarket is huge though and people keep buying them.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Aw damn, I was hoping you’d say the Jeep quality was top notch now. I figured they must be alright considering like you said the aftermarket is insanely huge, and has so many fanboys.

      haha at “parked in front of a 5 star hotel somewhere in Kuwait”.. so true.

  2. Mmmmh, being given a 100k$+ G-class, and getting paid to try to drive it to smithereens… That’s the dream…

  3. BTW, the P4 the French Army is driving is a basically a G Class.

  4. Stock jeeps are NOT quality anymore. but you can build it into quality with aftermarket. think of it as a polymer receiver AR.

    1. Quasimofo Avatar

      Similarly, think of it as a Glock…heh.