• Engineered Garments Bomber Jacket

    Take it or leave it says Engineered Garments:


    Engineered Garments is definitely one of my favorite American brands, but their commitment to not giving a shit about whether or not you can find their clothes anywhere for purchase is kind of frustrating.  Take their website for example… at the time of writing this all you get is that single page, and on every refresh you get a new ambiguous artsy picture.  Googling the words “Engineered Garments” uncovers some hidden lookbooks, which they were too lazy to link to of the main page I guess.  They make some quality items, if you can find them.

    This particular jacket is available over at Steven Alan for $408.

  • Tell Them About Your Stitch Pattern Son

    Camouflage seed stitch Polo from SOPH:


    This ain’t no weak ass stitching like you’d find on a JC Penny camo polo.  Your seed stitch required so much more labor;  there’s the reason your shirt cost a grip, along with the SOPH scorpion logo embroidery .  If you’re going to start bragging to people about the stitch pattern of your shirt though you better know some other stitch patterns (and their downfalls) to spout off or else you’re going to look like an idiot.

    ¥17,850 ($175 USD) over at SOPHNET.

  • Military Medals For Outstanding Douchebaggery

    If they awarded medals for douchebaggery this is what they would look like:


    Miansai-Antique-Military-Necklace-WornCool necklace brah.  I’m not going to go as far as to say this is disrespectful to anyone that served because frankly it is a representation of a medal / ribbon.  No one that wears these are likely going to be attempting to steal valor because no one would believe a skinny hipster in a v-neck ever operated in operations anyway.

    £230 ($350 USD) over at Oki-Ni. *shrug* at least it’s sterling silver I guess.

  • Maharishi Field Jacket With Detachable Backpack And Lingering Shame

    I’ve come to realize that if a jacket has 4 big front pockets, it’s apparently always a “Field Jacket”:


    What you’re looking it in this case is a jacket with a fasteners to attach a propriety matching backpack.  Finished laughing yet?  *facepalm* where do I even start.  That thing is so embarrassing…. like seriously a detachable backpack?  Was this concept originally for 5 year olds?  I highly doubt a grown man has ever said “You know what would be really cool… if this jacket came with a matching backpack, and rather than have conventional over the shoulder straps I just had lose straps I could weave into some hardware on the jacket.”  That is the worst possible color they could have possibly produced that jacket in too.  It still would have been hideous in black or olive drab, but much better than such a bland light grey.

    £320 ($487 USD) over at Maharishi.

  • Bamford Watch Department Camouflage Dial Rolex Explorer Collection

    Throw a black PVD coating on the stainless steel, add a camouflage dial and jack up the price:


    Check out the Bamford Watch Department website for more info and more badass watch customizations.  For a second “different” Rolex I am definitely considering picking one of their basic customizations up.  I love the look of that black PVD coating… I’m thinking an all black Daytona.

    I know a lot of Rolex purists are mad at this company, but as long as they are doing it properly (which they are) I have zero problem with it.  Hell they even offer a 2 year warranty on all their watches.  It’s not like you need warranty on a Rolex anyway…

  • Stalingrad – Trailer

    A new movie about the battle of Stalingrad:

    Stalingrad-Movie-PosterVisually stunning.  If you’re unfamiliar with the great WWII battle you can read up on it over at Wikipedia.

    Interesting how at the end of the trailer it advertises that it’s going to be in 3D.  I wouldn’t have pegged this for the type of movie that would lend itself to 3D but the IMAX screening aspect of it would be cool.