• Tiger Camouflage 3 Button Jacket Like A Sir

    Mr. Bathing Ape with a fresh offering out of Japan: As far as classic camouflages go, it’s hard to hate on Tiger.  The cotton they used for this jacket is really nice looking judging by the detail shot. 750 € ($962 USD) over at Caliroots.

  • A Bathing Ape 1st Camo Army Jungle Fatigue Shirt

    A couple new camouflage options from BAPE: In my opinion the “APE SHALL NEVER KILL APE” slogan printed on the center flap is tacky.  I prefer branding that’s more subtle. Available as pictured in both green and yellow camouflage for $463 over at BAPE.

  • A Bathing Ape x The Rolling Stones in BAPE Camo

    When in doubt, always throw camo on it 😉 I’m continually surprised at the parties involved in some of these collabs.  The Rolling Stones?  I know they probably just licensed the lips and tongue logo to A Bathing Ape, and had nothing to do with the actual creative direction… but still surprising. The shirts are available at ZOZOTOWN. ¥7,140 ($90 USD)…

  • A Bathing Ape AAPE x Pepsi Limited Edition Can Collab

    Japanese clothing brand A Bathing Ape‘s AAPE division teams up with Pepsi: Collabs such as this are obviously just for fun, and I fully approve.  I’d like to know what goes on behind the scenes with the agreement though… obviously Pepsi is a bigger company than BAPE so that’s a huge advantage gaining that much…