• Alexander Wang Upscale Leather Rucksack

    Alex has you covered when surplus rucksacks aren’t classy enough:


    That thing is beautiful.  The combination of this distressed olive leather with the supple looking black straps, piping detail and flaps is just amazing.  I’m a big fan of bags… duffle, rucksack, or otherwise.  Additionally, if they are military inspired, leather, and/or use advance materials count me in!

    $1275 over at SSENSE.

  • BAPE Camouflage Vans Ripoff Attempt Falls Short

    Colorway: subdued Fraggle Rock?


    I don’t even know what that camouflage pattern is supposed to be, but that designer was obviously on one.  “Explosive Camo” hey?  Sure buddy, whatever you say.

    Has BAPE ever had an original shoe pattern?   It’s always Converse and Nike ripoffs… now Vans too apparently.  I wonder when they are going to branch out into higher fashion rips?

    ¥15,540 ($152 USD) over at BAPE online.

  • Pharrell x Mark McNairy x CRYE Precision – BBC Black

    Dress to impress:

    Source – GQ Style

    I really thought the CRYE influence would have been more obvious, but I like what Pharrel and McNasty did with the fabric.  A “celebration of the silhouette” indeed; you really can’t ever go wrong with all black everythang.

    BBC-Black-PreviewIn the first post on the preview of the collab I did, I speculated on it’s wearability.   Well if you click through the source link you can check out five pictures in the gallery which seem to answer the question; it’s wearable and not incredibly ground breaking.

    LOL at the end of the video “I don’t want assholes like you wearing my shoes”…. oh McNasty you so crazy.

    The BBC Black line will be in stores this fall.

  • RRL Ralph Lauren Vest With No Place For Armor

    Are you man enough to rock a vest that doesn’t come with soft / hard armor?


    I gotta give it up for the use of frog skin camouflage, the two oversized pockets, and that fly asymmetric chest pocket.  The tonal tan trim is like the good looking glue that holds it all together too.

    RRL has been killing it in the vintage clothing game for a while now, so if you’re not yet familiar make sure to take a look.

    Are vests too metro for you though?  I’ve never been much for vests, so I’m kind of on the fence as what I would do with this in a street wear setting.  Off the top of my head I’d probably throw a nice button up with some texture on underneath it, roll up the sleeves, put some jeans on and just lamp.  In a not giving a shit setting I’d go shirtless underneath it in an effort to blend some of the farmer tan I’m already getting a start on.  Those pockets look like they would hold at least one beer can each. Damn, just talking through this out loud to you guys is starting to make this vest look pretty damn good in my opinion.

    $390 over at Ralph Lauren.

    Hat tip: Cliff

  • This Is What Winning Looks Like

    A VICE Documentary on Afghanistan:

    A look at the ineptitude, drug abuse, sexual misconduct, and corruption of the Afghan government and its security forces as well as the role of US Marines during the troop withdrawal.


    I really like vice documentaries.  This looks like it’s going to be worth watching.

    If you’re interested in checking it out, I embeded the full thing in three parts after the break.


  • Del Toro Nappa Leather Oxford Shoe With Camouflage Sole



    If your leather ain’t nappa, your shoe ain’t oxford, and your sole ain’t camouflage, what are you doing with your life?

    $325 over at Del Toro.

    You might also like this similar Dries Van Noten derby shoe with the camouflage sole I posted a while back.  With that name comes the price though.  I would definitely prefer almost 3 pairs of these Del Toros.